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Week six has come and gone, which means we are that much closer to event day! Our last training session brought us back to the beautiful backdrop of the Cleveland Dam and picturesque views of The Lions. Our task? Run 2km up Nancy Green Way to the base of Grouse Mountain. As if the seemingly never ending incline was not enough, we revisited our week one run along the power line trail and then back to our starting position at the dam. In all, we put in an honest 7km of long accents and descents.
A high knee and forward foot drive while leaning into the mountain, head up, made the climb much more tolerable and allowed us to use the power and momentum to our advantage. Although there will not be much descending for Seek the Peak, the importance of committing to the downhill sections and having active feet will play a huge roll in avoiding injury while keeping a consistent speed. I found it particularly helpful to use a natural foot step on the descent with a long stride and let my body control my speed. A lot of force can be exerted on the heel, which can compound throughout the limb and into the hips and back if small, abbreviated steps are taken to slow yourself down.
Upon our return to the Whistler Water tent at Cleveland Dam we were greeted by post run yoga instructor, Robbi-Layne Robertson. What a fantastic way to open up the hips and hamstrings while providing an active cool down session. Our instructor took time with each individual during the routine to assist in problem areas and correct flaws in form.

For those of you who have been wanting to come out to a Wednesday training session but haven't yet, you do not want to miss May 22nd. We will be doing the infamous Grouse Grind! Not only will there be a trail running talk by Dave Norona (I could surely use some tips to get my Grind time down!), it will also be the first Grind Social Night of the year!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you at the Grind Social Night! As always, any questions or comments can be posted to the Facebook link and we'll do our best to respond.
Want to join us and hundreds others to Seek the Peak to help fight Breast Cancer? Sign up here for Seek the Peak!
Gareth & Michelle