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Today we opened up the bears' larger Upper Pond section of their summer habitat.  This marks about half of their summer territory here at Grouse Mountain.

Grinder and Coola came out of hibernation on May 3rd and have spent the last couple weeks in their hibernation habitat while we excavated their habitat from the snow and set it up for bear inhabitation.

As usual, Grinder came through the gate and both bears started to explore their old haunts.  One of their first go-to activities is always checking for frog and salamander eggs in their ponds and Grinder went right at it again.

bath time!

One of the favourite features of the larger habitats is their multiple pond systems.  Both bears quickly headed to the deeper ponds and went for a swim.  This helps clean their dusty coats and also is just pure fun!

Coola especially has been known to spend hours in the water in the summer carrying out one of his favourite activities - people watching!

happy times

We love watching the boys as they express their happiness of being in their expanded habitat.  They swam, they ate and then they had a good play wrestle session followed by nap time in the shade.

Please come visit them in their large habitat and see all of these behaviours and more in person!  We have Ranger Talks four times a day (10am, 12:30pm, 3pm and 4pm) if you'd like to learn more about the bears and hear about their daily adventures.

We look forward to welcoming you.